I wish you a great 2011, my friends!

happy new year Happy New Year!

cheetah baby Cheetah baby

on the edge On the edge

A Finnish family is having fun by sailing on a large piece of ice they found floating on the lake. The kid is truly enjoying the experience. Best viewed enlarged (click on the photo).

drifting island on a lake Finnish ice drifters

elephant who loves playing snowballs Elephant that loves snowball games

Screen shot 2010 12 31 at 02.42.17 Oh, no! What’s gonna happen!?
Everyone has done this at least once in their life.

If you cut the crap and present only the core product, this is how brand packaging would have to be downgraded.

downgraded brands How brands look with downgraded packaging

Cisco has released a very interesting around-the-world internet usage infographic.

Best ever revenge for cheating Husband gets worst ever revenge for cheating

smoking while pregnant Preemptive natural selection

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