Malaysia base jump 360° interactive viral video

I am not sure about you, but I haven’t seen a video like this before. It is 100% interactive, you can view everything 360 degrees around you as you watch the video. How this video was made is a riddle to me, but it certainly shows the way we will watch movies in the future.

So you wondered what would be the next big thing after 3D? CLICK and DRAG your mouse to look up, down and around. PAUSE and EXPLORE at any time by again pressing the play button. The video is produced by Immersivemedia – a company specializing in production of 360° interactive videos – for Red Bull.

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1 Thomas Hayden November 17, 2010 at 7:53 pm

Too bad Immersive Media failed miserably to create a demand for their unique interactive content due to horrible management of a someone's brilliant idea. This video was the result of enthusiastic employees who went to great lengths on the technologies behalf. Today, yellowBird has picked up where they left off, pushing the envelope of interactive and making it work. Check out their latest 360 degree video ski experience – or find their videos on YouTube channels like Doritos –

BTW, Immersive Media's management team has now taken their investor's money and reorganized into a "clean coal" technology company on their way to further enriching themselves without ever actually accomplishing anything.

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