The world loved swastika before the war

Swastika before World War 2 was commonly used on variety of objects as a symbol of luck. It was fashionable to put swastika on cars, post cards, beer cans and whisky bottles, post cards and even passports of Soviet soldiers, among others. You may be surprised to learn that Carlsberg and Coca-Cola used swastika on their bottles. And until today, Swastika is still used in Japan as a symbol of luck. Before the war, the symbol was used internationally and was rather popular in Europe, USA ad Asia.

Swastika on Coke’s and Carlsberg’s products:

Swastika on cars and vehicles:

Swastika on Hockey team players:

Swastika on recipe books:

Swastika on match boxes and stamps:

Swastika on passports:

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1 RESOL - BRASIL! October 31, 2010 at 7:29 am

You dumb fuck!

The swastika is an hindu symbol for creation and destruction, depending on its side!

It wasn't invented by the Nazis, they took it from hindu religions!

It's been used as a renewal symbol for hundred of years!

Don't fill up the internet with shit!

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