Things that you used to do in the 90’s but are now gone (25 pictures)

I actually miss some of these things. Think I’m going to search for my old Nokia phone and play some Snake, try to beat my old high score.

Playing Snake on a green-screened Nokia phone

Rewinding VHS tapes after watching a movie

Taking notes in school off the overhead projector

Calling your friends from a house phone

Inserting CDs in a computer tower

Saving all your files on a floppy disk

Waiting for dial-up to connect to the internet

Using Encarta for research projects

Listening to music on a Sony Walkman

Using physical maps or printed directions

Watching music videos on TV

Getting all your fashion advice from magazines

Paying bills in person or by mail

Burning CDs and making sure they didn’t go over the space limit

Taking pictures with disposable cameras

Playing music at parties with a boom box

Booking flights by phone or travel agent

Worrying about Y2K

Making works of art in Microsoft Paint

Reading newspapers

Listening to messages on the landline answering machine

Adding WordArt to your papers because it made it look COOL

Skimming the Yellow Pages to find phone numbers for businesses

Renting movies at Blockbuster

And blowing into your Nintendo cartridges


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