Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec was born in Hobart Australia on the 22 May 1961 to Croatian immigrants. He is a professional gambler and Entrepreneur, also known as John Wilson. He studied finance, tax and banking at the University of Tasmania before becoming a professional gambler. It was at this University that his interest in gambling and more specifically, card counting started.

He tested out his newly learnt skills at the Wrest Point Casino, and this is where he met his future wife Shelley Wilson, who subsequently became his business partner.

Zeljko and his wife then moved to New South Wales where he initially continued his studies, but then dropped out to concentrate on gambling fulltime.

Gambling at Australian Casinos

Zeljko initially started gambling at the well-known casinos in Australia like Wrestpoint Casino and Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast.

He was subsequently banned from all of the Australian casinos, so started visiting the Las Vegas Casinos.

However, He had problems getting his winnings back to Australia, so he had to hide his winnings and duck and dive the authorities. He was soon banned from the casinos in Las Vegas as well.

Advantage Play

Zeljko was always looking at different advantage play in other areas and branched out into Keno and Horse Racing where he continued to rack up the winnings.
On average, he earned $1billion per annum.

In 2011 Zeljko was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame alongside many other well-known gamblers like Bill Benter, Don Johnson and Stanford Wong.


Zeljko Ranogajev still gambles at sites like Betfair but keeps a low profile and leads a reclusive lifestyle. In 2019 and 2020 he appeared in the Australian Financial Review rich list with an estimated fortune of 600 million Australian Dollars.

He currently lives in Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a professional Blackjack player who was born in Salem, Oregon in 1962. During his younger years, he was involved with horses and trained to be a jockey.

When he was 30 years old, he was hired to be the Manager of the Philadelphia Park Racetrack. He also managed other racetracks and was a regulator in different states.

During this time, he developed a computer-assisted wagering strategy for the horse race betting industry and started a Company called Heritage Development which specialized in computer-assisted wagering programs.

However, despite his horse racing knowledge and skills, his passion was the game of Blackjack. Furthermore, he also developed a Blackjack strategy by using his PhD in Mathematics and subsequently became a wealthy man and a high roller.

15 Million Won at Atlantic City Casinos

In 2010 Atlantic City Casinos were suffering from the Financial crash of 2008, so they tried to lure various High Rollers to play their high stakes games. ( 80% of casinos profits are from high roller players )

Don Johnson was one of those invited to play at a Blackjack game with high stakes. However, he had certain conditions he laid down before accepting. He wanted various changes to the game such as a 20% cashback on losses, re-split of Aces, six decks of cards, and the dealer must stick on a soft 17.

To their detriment, the casinos agreed to this condition. Johnson landed up winning $6 Million at Tropicana Casino, $5 Million at Borgata and $4 Million at Caesars Casino. Caesars Casino banned him entirely, and the other two casinos allowed him to play under specific conditions and limits.

Where is Don Johnson now?

Don Johnson still frequents Las Vegas Casinos, but he says many won’t allow him to play Blackjack, so he spends more time playing on the horses instead.

Alan Woods

Alan Woods Alan Woods was born in 1945 in New South Wales, Australia. He was a mathematician and Professional gambler and was well known in gambling circles in Australia and Hong Kong.

The Early Years

Alan Woods studied Mathematics at the University of New England in Armidale, Australia. However, He never completed his degree as he dropped out of University a year before his graduation.

He initially played poker machines in around the Australian casinos, but when he moved to Sydney, poker machines were not available, so he stopped playing.

He then started working as an actuary, and it was here that his job was to calculate the odds on all of the games for the Wrest Point Casino in Tasmania.

He initially felt that the house always had the edge on Blackjack and could not be beaten. However, his mind changed when his fellow bridge players told him about card counting. He tested this method at various casinos in Australia and started winning and developing a gambling habit at the same time.

Alan Woods Meets Bill Benter

In 1979 his wife left him due to his gambling habit, and he moved to Las Vegas where he met Bill Benter.

By this time numerous casinos had banned Alan Woods, so he started focusing on Horse Racing.

Bill Benter and Alan Woods developed a mathematical horse racing strategy to predict the winners, but initially failed miserably and lost a lot of money between them. In their last year together they started making money, but by this time they had decided to go their separate ways.

Alan Woods Gambling Career

Alan Woods continued to use the financial algorithms for betting on Horse Racing and landed up becoming a very wealthy man.

He never, however, stepped foot on a racecourse but instead spent most of his time at his home leading a playboy lifestyle with weekly parties.

He died of cancer in Hong Kong in 2008.


Nick the Greek

Nick the Greek Introduction

Nick the Greek, was born Nikolas Dandolos, and he was a professional Gambler and High Roller. What made him unique was that he was a well-rounded gambler as he excelled at betting on horses and playing Poker. In addition to his gambling achievements, Nick donated over $20 million to various charities, thousands in tips to servers and funds to anyone in need.

Nick the Greek, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1979. This was 13 years after he passed away and is today still known as The King of All Gamblers.

Nick the Greek’s Gambling Career

Nick lost large sums of money at various casinos as well as more intimate tournaments. His first significant loss was in 1949 against Johnny Moss, a well-known Poker player. The game was set up by Benny Binion as a tourist attraction and widely credited to be the inspiration for the World Series of Poker.

Nick had a particularly favourite card game called Faro, and he was overly confident in his skills when it came to this game. He received backing from Carl Laemmie and luck was not on his side, and he lost all of Laemmie’s money.

Nick then competed against an up and coming pro gambler named Ray Ryan at the luxurious Flamingo and Thunderbird Resort in a game of five-card stud Poker and lowball draw that lasted 15 days straight. When this two-week tournament was over, Nick had lost over $500, 000 which baffled him as he was sure it was going to be an easy win. Nick later found out that Ray had hired somebody to hide on the roof and give Ryan Nicks hole cards. Nick turned to the Mafia for assistance and rumour has it he was able to get most of his money back.


Nick the Greek won and lost over $500 million in his lifetime and claimed he went from rags to riches over 73 times. He died on Christmas Day in 1966.