The Mack Pinnacle with MP8 505C

The MP8 505C+ with mDrive is a high performance powertrain that will likely challenge everything you thought you knew about the limitations of 13 litre engines and AMTs in Canada’s most rigorous applications.

CALEDON, Ont. It was as nasty a November day as you’ll encounter in Southern Ontario. The thermometer read 9 C; balmy when compared to the 19 C wind chill. Snow blewhorizontally, painting the horizon a milky white. Snowdrifts piled up on the road in places while the wind swept other sections of highway clear, leaving behind only a thin layer of black ice. Gusting winds caused vehicles and old buildings to shudder, as well as the people within them.

The truck was a Mack Pinnacle tractor with its newest engine rating, the 13 litre Mack MP8 505C+. It was put together by Vision Truck Group as a Mack Trucks Canada demonstration unit and then loaned out to James Dick Construction. The new made for Canada rating, introduced in August, produces 505 hp and 1,860 lb. ft. of torque through all the gears. In short, it’s a Mack that pulls like a Mack all the time. It was designed for truckers who want loads
Cheap Michael Kors handbags of pulling power available on demand, to handle hefty payloads and steep grades.

While many of today’s engines are designed to withhold torque to preserve fuel economy undercertain conditions, this engine is all torque, all the time. James Dick Construction is an ideal fleet to put the truck through its paces. It hauls heavy payloads of about 34,000 40,000 kgs around a hilly part of southern Ontario just north of Toronto. Typically, these trucks shuttle tonnes of aggregate between various construction sites and cement plants from James Dick’s many gravel pits in the area.

I shared driving duties with Murray Lowe, who the fleet has chosen to test the new truck, knowing they would get an honest assessment from the opinionated and knowledgeable pro driver. It was useful to ride shotgun with Lowe, because he could compare the driving experience directly to his incumbent truck, a 2011 Freightliner glider kit featuring a pre emissions DD13 engine and 13 speed manual transmission. (Comparing trucks of different makes is a dubious endeavour at the best of times, even more so when the benchmark is a
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet glider kit, which is by definition, an assemblage of parts and not a complete vehicle. Still, comparisons to the incumbent vehicleare inevitable).

Pulling the long grade leaving Bolton, Ont. Lowe marveled as the mDrive automated manual transmission held seventh gear with 32,000 kgs of gravel in the 38 ft. Cobra end dump trailer. "I’m normally in fifth gear here," he said.

Lowe has five million miles under his belt, achieved over a 41 year career that was spent mostly doing linehaul. I figured he’d be skeptical of the mDrive but he surprised me with how quickly he warmed up to it.

"I’ve been doing this over 40 years," he grumbled. "What do I need to shift gears for?"

Lowe, in the twilight of his driving career, has traded in long haul work for local, mileage based pay for hourly. He even hands in the keys for the winter and waits the snow out in Florida. This was Lowe’s first experience with the mDrive and his only concern was how it would react when the truck gets bogged down in mud. That wasn’t about to happen on this frozen November morning but he said the guys who get stuck in the mud using an automated transmission are the same ones who can’t get free using a manual, and he’s not one of’em, so he wasn’t overly concerned.

As we crested a long, steep downhill grade with a red light at the bottom, Lowe questioned aloud the engine brake’s ability to hold back the heavy load and then nodded in approval whenit did just that.

The MP8, being a 13 litre engine, often raises questions about its engine braking capability compared to a 15L product. But it does produce nearly 500 braking horsepower, which shouldn’t be an issue, even when heavily loaded. David McKenna, Mack director of sales development, emphasized power is power, and torque is torque, regardless of whether it’s produced by a 13 or 15 litre engine.

"If I’m giving you 1,860 lb. ft. out of a 13L, it’s exactly the same as 1,860 lb. ft. out of a 15L," he pointed out. "But it tends to be 300 500 lbs lighter and generally speaking, more efficient on fuel, so when we’re talking the aggregate business, if I can take 300 500 lbs out of your TARE weight, that’s nothing but money to the customer."

Naturally, having 1,860 lb. ft. of torque available at all times means a driver’s going to take advantage of it and at times it will come at the expenseof fuel mileage. However, McKenna contends the fuel economy penalty is low, especially when compared to the productivity gains that can be exploited.

"The fuel economy with the 505C+ is going to be a little less than a straight 505C or E model," McKenna acknowledged. "If you want more power, it’s going to take more fuel to do it. But if you can learn to keep your foot off that throttle pedal and let the engine do all the work, fuel economy is just about the same. But when you’re pulling 63,000 kgs in the aggregate business and you can reduce cycle times by 15 16 minutes per cycle, that’s an extra
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet load every day and when you have 40 metric tonnes of product, you just managed to pick up an extra load for free every day and it’s very economical."

Fuel economy isn’t always the top priority for truckers in the aggregates business. Here, performance trumps fuel efficiency, and heavy payloads, hilly terrain and stop and go two lane traffic will see to
cheap Michael Kors handbags it. Lowe told me James Dick drivers are normally resigned to hitting5 6 mpg. Uptime is theparamountconcern and the company has done its best to avoid the problems associated with EPA07 emissions engines, hence the glider that Lowe drives. But then Lowe drove his friend’s new Mack and it was getting over 8 mpg in this same duty cycle. That got his attention.

Caledon Mountain may not qualify as a mountain in many parts of Canada, but here in southwestern Ontario it’s a good test of a truck’s pulling capabilities. We climbed it unloaded, just due to the nature of the day’s delivery schedules hey, we had work to do and loads to deliver! Lowe was impressed the mDrive dropped just one gear and we climbed the hill in 11th at 1,475 rpm and 80 km/h. His current truck would be revving a lot higher, he observed. The nasty crosswinds and snow covered roads likely didn’t help us on this day and even whether or not the tarp is rolled up will have an effect on how the truck pulls that
fake Michael Kors grade, Lowe noted.

We picked up a load of blended aggregate at James Dick Construction and then I took the wheel and brought it down to a Lafarge plant in Brampton.

The mDrive console sits in the dash. Exposed screws provide easy access to the wiring behind.

A button on the mDrive’s console allows you to activate maximum engine braking, which was a useful way to hold my speed to 80 km/h without riding the service brakes, even when grossing 50.86 metric tonnes (50,860 kgs or 111,892 lbs). This Pinnacle drove well. The front end felt a little loose, but repositioning the fifth wheel would solve this. The seat was comfortable, sight lines were excellent and the ride on even bumpy two lane roads where James Dick trucks spend most of their time was smooth and quiet.

The interior of the Pinnacle was stylish and functional. Attractive, brushed nickel faceplates can be quickly removed from the dash to expose the wiring behind them for easy serviceability. The design of the Pinnacle won’t change with the 2016 model year. The exterior styling could use a refreshing but as far as comfort and drivability are concerned, this truck holds its own against anything out there.

Most Canadian customers who previously ran the MP8 505 have switched to the C+ rating since it was introduced in August, I’m told. Even in Western Canada where these trucks
Michael Kors handbags outlet are required to run the Rocky Mountains, there have been no complaints about fuel economy, power or engine braking performance. Mack has discovered a way to give 15 litre power and performance to truckers in a 13 litre package and there’s a lot to like about that, including improved fuel efficiency and greater payloads.

The cold truth about exhaust aftertreatment in
replica Michael Kors handbags winter

Because winter was visited upon us seemingly overnight, I had some questions for McKenna about the aftertreatment system and how fleets can protect against issues related to the freezing of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and the rest of the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system. He was glad I asked.

"One of the things that’s very important to remember is that DEF is two thirds water and water will freeze," he admitted. "There are a couple of things we do that some other OEMs don’t do. When you turn the key off on the truck, you will hear the DEF pump continue to run for about 60 90 seconds. It’s drawing the DEF back from the injector and putting it all in the tank. The reason for that is, we don’t want any product freezing in the line. Even if it freezes in the tank and it will the minute you crank the engine and start the water pump, it’s going to start circulating hot coolant through the DEF tank. We’ve plumbed the lines into the DEF tank and we have a coil that goes through the center and we’ve looped the coil around the pickup tube, so it will thaw out from inside the core of the DEF tank to the outside and start to circulate warm DEF."

This is a smartly designed SCR system but where problems can still occur is when sub par DEF is put into the tank. McKenna emphatically cautions against using off spec’ DEF.

Canada’s harsh winter conditions can also lead to more frequent and prolonged active regenerations of the DPF (diesel particulate filter). This is not a problem that’s specific to Mack and in fact, Mack protects against this by keeping the heat source required for regenerations (the turbocharger outlet) very close to the DPF to prevent a thermal drop from occurring as the hot exhaust travels along the exhaust pipe. But
cheap Michael Kors in applications requiring large fuel tanks and where the hot exhaust has a chance to cool en route to the DPF where it must travel to facilitate a regeneration, you can add more insulation to the exhaust pipe to mitigate this problem.

Downtime, of course, is a killer, especially in the winter.

"I can talk about fuel economy all I want, but at the end of the day, if you save 5% in fuel throughout the year and you have two more unplanned down days, everything you saved through the year in fuel is out the window," McKenna acknowledged.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Videos and Rakesh Mari Photos

Both Israel and Palestinian militants may have committed war crimes during last year’s Gaza war, a widely anticipated United Nations report said on Monday, decrying the "unprecedented" devastation and human suffering.

Museums come to impoverished African homes courtesy Wakpon appA new application developed by a foundation based in Cotonou is seeking to bring art to the masses by allowing
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet anyone with access to a printer and smartphone or tablet.

Across the realm of fiction, there have been some singularly unique crime solvers but trumping them for novelty is a savvy, resourceful eunuch working for the Ottoman sultan in mid 19th century Istanbul.

Nandita Swetha’s selfie with
replica Michael Kors outlet VijayThe actress uploaded the selfie on Ilayathalapathy’s birthday

Women’s World Cup: Australia, France through to last eightCanada kept their Women’s World Cup title dream alive with a 1 0 win over Switzerland to reach the last eight along with
cheap Michael Kors France and Australia as star studded Brazil
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet were toppled.

Exam scam: APSC chief meets Assam governorThe Assam Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) chairman, Rakesh Paul, and members of Assam Public Works (APW) an NGO, separately
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet
cheap Michael Kors met governor PB Acharya at the Raj Bhavan on Sunday to discuss allegations of huge irregularities in the APSC exams.

First list for junior
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet college admissions to be out todayWith admissions in the city underway, the upcoming week will be crucial for both students entering junior and degree colleges.

Planned in phases: Paris shows way to clean airThe blue, clear skies this summer in Paris hardly indicate it
discount Michael Kors has an air pollution problem. But the top agenda for the Paris municipality Marie De Paris is dealing with tiny, respirable pollution particles or PM 2.5 that can get lodged in the lungsArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ actress reflects on extraordinary life

Michael Kors handbags outlet The most beloved movie ever made, Frank Capra’s "It’s a Wonderful Life," let us know George Bailey, an optimistic man, faced with life’s hardships, who struggles with suicide, is allowed the gift of seeing firsthand
cheap michael kors the lives he has touched, and as a result learns to understand the miracle of family and friendship.

OK, so there might be some debate about the "most beloved movie ever made." The Wizard of Oz comes to mind. so does The Sound of
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet Music, Casablanca, etc. But you get the point: It’s a Wonderful Life is a timeless classic that is revered like very few
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet movies in the history of the medium.

The sun is shining in Port Orchard, and a young looking 74 year old woman named Karolyn Grimes smiles as she looks out from her deck to the still water view of Rich Passage that never seems to grow old.

"I love it here," she says in a voice that sounds a lot like Dolly Parton’s. "It’s pretty quiet and you can kind of collect yourself and rejuvenate for the next round."

She has a twinkle in her eye and she lets out a
discount Michael Kors delightful laugh.

When you meet Karolyn, you are not struck with a jolt of recognition.
Michael Kors handbag outlet You don’t think to yourself, "I know her!" But you do.

She is 74 years old, it’s true. But Karolyn is frozen forever as 6 year old ZuZu.

You can see her now, can’t you? The little girl with the curls, sitting on the bed with her daddy, Jimmy Stewart as
cheap Michael Kors George Bailey, upset that some petals have fallen off her flower.

"Look Daddy! Paste it!" she says. George turns away and secretly puts the petals into his pocket.

That little girl grew up to become Karolyn Grimes. I am visiting her because I can’t help but wonder, "What’s it like being ZuZu?"

It turns out a lot of people wonder the same thing. Karolyn starts by telling me she’s not famous, not a star, not even an actress, really.

"Well," she says, "I really consider myself a piece of film history."

It was a small role in a movie that was made 66 years ago. But it was an important role, a memorable one. She was a vision of childlike innocence playing counterpoint to George Bailey’s growing frustration.

Karolyn lights up still when you mention Jimmy Stewart’s name.

"He was very gently. Very gentle. I messed up a line in the petal scene, and he said, ‘Th. th. We walk up a staircase decorated with two giant posters of It’s A Wonderful Life. George Bailey is everywhere in this home!

She takes me into a room solely dedicated to memories from her days as ZuZu, and it is a revelation.

"I got so many cool things," she says. It’s an understatement.

There’s a picture of her as a child with Bing Crosby. There are stacks of DVDs of the movie, books about the movie. Angels wings that someone sent her. A giant photo taken of the entire cast the day shooting on the movie wrapped. A signed picture of her as an adult, with her friend Jimmy Stewart. A leg lamp signed by the cast of A Christmas Story. The kid that got his tongue stuck on the flag pole wrote, "It’s A Wonderful Life: 2 Christmas movie. A Christmas Story: 1!" The walls are filled, one end to the other.

People love to send Karolyn bells, so there is a whole shelf of them. I help her pull a large box out of a closet, and inside is a treasure trove of original stills from the movie, black and white shots capturing a little girl’s role in a movie that captured the whole world’s heart.

Even now, after all these years, sometimes it seems like she can’t believe it herself. She looks at a still of ZuZu wrapped in the arms of George Bailey.

She sighs. "It’s just. whew. it’s just such a privilege
Michael Kors handbags outlet to be this little girl. It really is."

As it turns out, being ZuZu is a full time gig.

One minute she’s on the phone, trying to talk Donna Reed’s daughter into appearing in a parade with her. "I’m gonna tell her you’re willing to do it then." The next she’s showing me the new book she just wrote called, "It’s a Wonderful Life: How the Movie’s Message of Hope Lives On."

There are new It’s a Wonderful Life Christmas tree ornaments to get out there as well.

"I get new ones every year," she says.

And then there are the personal appearances. The Christmas season is go time for ZuzZu Bailey. As it turns out, there is huge demand all over the world for one of the last living cast members of the classic movie.

Talk shows, tree lighting ceremonies, Christmas festivals, the unveiling of a Jimmy Stewart statue in a wax museum, she’s there for all of them.

And every year there is a grand celebration in Seneca Falls, New York, a town that has almost become Bedford Falls from the movie.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Respiratory Syncytial Virus

What Other Parents Are ReadingAll About AllergiesFirst Aid: What to DoPregnant? What to ExpectSports: Keeping Kids SafeConcussions: What to KnowBacterial Viral What’s in this article?About RSVPreventing RSVTreating RSVWhen to Call the DoctorRespiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages, is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children.How do you deal with your baby’s runny nose?In adults, it may only produce
Michael Kors handbag outlet symptoms of a common cold, such as a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, mild headache, cough, fever, and a general feeling of being ill. But in premature babies and kids with diseases that affect the
Michael Kors handbags outlet lungs, heart, or immune system, RSV infections can lead
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet to other more serious illnesses.RSV is highly
cheap Michael Kors contagious and can be spread through droplets containing the virus when someone coughs or sneezes. It also can live on surfaces (such as countertops or doorknobs) and on hands and clothing, so it can be easily spread when a person touches something contaminated.RSV can spread rapidly through schools and childcare centers. Babies often get it when older kids carry the virus home from school and pass it to them. Almost all kids are infected with RSV at least once by the time they’re 2 years old.RSV infections often occur in epidemics that last from late fall through early spring. Respiratory illness caused by RSV such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia usually lasts about a week, but some cases may last several weeks.Doctors typically diagnose RSV by taking a medical history and doing a physical exam. Generally, in healthy kids it’s not necessary to distinguish RSV from a common cold. But if a child has other health conditions, a doctor
replica Michael Kors handbags might want to
fake Michael Kors make a specific diagnosis; in that case, RSV is identified in nasal secretions collected either with a cotton swab or by suction through a bulb syringe.Because RSV can be easily spread by touching infected people or surfaces, frequent hand washing is key in preventing its transmission. Try to wash your hands after having any contact with someone who has cold symptoms. And keep your school age child with a cold away from younger siblings particularly infants until the symptoms pass.To prevent serious RSV related respiratory disease, at risk infants can be given a monthly injection of a medication consisting of RSV antibodies during peak RSV season (roughly November to April). Because its protection is short lived, it has to be given in subsequent years until the child is no longer at high risk for severe RSV infection. Ask the doctor if your child is considered high risk.Fortunately, most cases of RSV are mild and require no specific treatment from doctors. Antibiotics aren’t used because RSV is a virus and antibiotics are only effective against bacteria. Medication may sometimes be given to help open airways.In an infant, however, an RSV infection can be more serious and may require hospitalization so that the baby can be watched closely. He or she may require fluids and possibly treatment for breathing problems.At home, make a child with an RSV infection as comfortable as possible, allow time for recovery, and provide plenty of fluids. The last part can be tricky, however, because babies may not feel like drinking. In that case, offer fluids in small amounts at more frequent intervals than usual.To
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet help your child breathe easier, use a cool mist vaporizer during the winter months to keep the air moist winter air can dry
fake Michael Kors out airways and make the mucus stickier. Avoid hot water and steam humidifiers, which can be hazardous and can cause scalding. If you use a cool mist humidifier, clean it daily with household bleach to discourage mold.If your child is uncomfortable and too young to blow his or her own nose, use a nasal aspirator (or bulb syringe) to remove sticky nasal fluids.Treat fever using a nonaspirin fever medicine like acetaminophen. Aspirin should not be used in children with viral illnesses, as such use has been associated with Reye syndrome, a life threatening illness.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Effective Electronic Communication

Conversely, how many times have you pressed SEND, only to regret that you didn’t look at it just one more time to tweak the language or the tone? Or perhaps the
fake cheap oakley sunglasses recipient’s reply made it abundantly clear that he or she didn’t fully understand your message and now you have to Ping Pong back and forth to clarify your original message and make sure your recipient now "gets" it.

Business missteps, wasted time, misunderstandings, no reply these are just a few of the issues that are caused, largely, by ineffective electronic communication.

I’m not the first to write about the delicate nature of email communication, and I likely won’t be the last. While it is tempting to be lured into thinking an email message is just like having a conversation, it isn’t.

Conversations are spoken they have the benefit of tone of voice, inflection, and if someone misunderstands, the opportunity for instant clarification. This is always a critical distinction from the written word, where nuances in voice inflection that convey a tongue in cheek "I’m just kidding," or a dead serious "I really mean this" obviously don’t exist.

Email messages are more likely to be taken very literally, and they can be passed from the intended recipient to the unintended. In fact, if not executed correctly, email messaging can backfire on its intent, threaten relationships, and even endanger careers.

The 4Cs of Truth in Communication

Enter the 4Cs of Truth in Communication. Originally developed to evaluate and improve advertising and marketing materials, the 4Cs are an equally useful tool when applied to email communication. The 4Cs stand for Comprehension, Connection, Credibility, and Contagiousness.

Let’s see how they can be used to make your emails more effective.

The First C: Comprehension. It may seem obvious, but it’s important that your recipient simply understands the message contained in the email. And this has everything to do with language, vocabulary, punctuation, and tone. It is highly important that the proper tone be understood when reading an email message.

One great way of ensuring instant comprehension is the subject line. Think about it: Other than the sender’s name, it’s the only piece of information readers see before they open the email. Therein lies the opportunity to either invite the recipient into your message and open it, or "save it" for later. And you know what that means? The likelihood that it will get read in the future is about 50 percent.

A friend and colleague of mine with whom I hadn’t communicated recently sent me an email with the subject message, "Let’s get together for breakfast!" So I immediately understood, even before opening the email, what the purpose of her message was. The exclamation point communicated to me that she was enthusiastic about the idea. That’s a great start.

Compare that to an email that says "no subject," or even one that says "Hi." Even if I know the sender, I’m not as eager to open it and may skip over it.

The Second C: Connection. Here’s the key question we ask about Connection: Is the message speaking to
fake oakley sunglasses cheap the recipient on a personal level? Does it really matter to him or her?

If the message is not relevant, doesn’t address a topic or area of concern to interest on a rational or emotional level, then it’s not making a Connection. Think about the number of times you’ve pressed the DELETE button just by seeing some words in a subject line that were frivolous, not interesting, or otherwise irrelevant to you.

For instance, whenever I get an email from my publishers with the words "your book" in the subject line, I’m inherently interested. It makes an immediate and critical Connection for me both rationally and emotionally. Email messages need to connect on a personal level too.

The Third C: Credibility. This is the critical "C." To assess credibility, think who, what and how.

Who: Does the message make sense coming from this sender? Is the sender himself or herself credible?

What: Is it something you expect from this sender? If the message or the tone of the message doesn’t sync with your expectations, the message is more likely to lose Credibility.

How: How is the message executed? How is the message worded, and how does it strike you? If the sender is trying to convince you of something, are you "buying" it?

The Fourth C: Contagiousness. This is the area where tone, one of the most important components of email communication, steps in and takes charge. If the tone of your email message is exciting, motivating, or differentiating, it’s likely to deliver your message effectively.

Remember my example of my friend’s invitation to breakfast? The tone was definitely motivating to me. Think about
wholesale oakleys the potential effectiveness of your next email message in terms of:

Energy: Is there a sense of energy around the message? Is there something in the headline or opening sentence that makes the reader want to continue reading?

Newsworthy: Does it offer a new way to view the sender? This will likely mean the message and/or the sender is more memorable.

Unique: Is it competitively differentiating? Does it stand out from the hundreds of other emails in the reader’s inbox that week? Obviously, there’s an opportunity to do this in the subject line as well.

Emotionally charged. Does it evoke a vivid emotional response? Here’s an example of how, if your tone is off, the emotional response may be completely negative.

Motivation. Does it motivate the target to do something? Will the target hit REPLY or DELETE?

Try this: Apply the 4Cs to some emails in your inbox. For each
fake cheap oakleys email, did you instantly "get" it? (Comprehension) Did the message resonate with you emotionally? (Connection)
cheap replica oakleys Did it feel genuine? (Credibility) Did the message
oakley sunglasses replica really stick with you? (Contagiousness) You’ll discover that it’s rare to get an email that accomplishes all 4Cs. But when you do, notice how it stands out from the crowd!

You can accomplish this same desirable effect in your own emails by using the 4Cs every time you compose an email or any other piece of communication. It’s one of the
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale easiest and best ways to create
cheap oakleys memorable messages and boost your overall communication skills.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Shrinking Penn
cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses West Petroleum eyes a turnaround

Gavin Young, Calgary Herald CALGARY, AB: MAY 13, 2015 Penn West CEO Dave Roberts speaks during the Penn West
fake oakley sunglasses cheap Petroleum AGM at the Metropolitan Centre in Calgary on Wednesday May 13, 2015. is about half its former size from production to staffing and thecompany with roots datingback 35 years islikely to get smaller yet.
fake oakley sunglasses If not disappear entirely.

With a stock trading forless than10 per cent of itsone time value, Penn West held its annual shareholders meeting Wednesday forchairman Rick George and chief executive Dave Roberts to explain their plans to enhance the value of shares that are ata "steep discount" to the company’snet asset value.

"We are certainly aware of what the stock price has done and what it hasn’t done, more importantly," George said in response to oneshareholder. The market capitalization is about $1.3 billion for a company with 1,100 employees, that produces 95,000 barrels of oil equivalent perday and has 368 million barrels of proven reserves.

Penn West lost$248 million in the first quarter and has more than $2.4 billion in long term debt.

"The process of re establishing operational credibility takes some time," saidRoberts, aTexan who waschief operating officer atMarathon Oil Corp. before he took the top jobat Penn West in 2013."That’s why we’ve said we are going to be very patient
cheap fake oakleys and focused. We hammered ondebt. We’ve hammered on operational capability and we think over time people are going to respond tothat."

Penn West’s history dates to the early 1980s and it grew steadily through the drill bit andacquisitions. In 2005, it converted
cheap wholesale oakleys to Penn West Energy Trust in response to new federaltax rules and with theacquisitions of Petrofund Energy Trust, Vault Energy Trust and Canetic Resources Trust, it becameCanada’s largest conventional oil and gas trust.

Penn West’sshares reached$27.75 in February 2011.

When the tax rules changed, Penn West reverted back to a corporation in 2011. The following year it began to sell assets to focus on its Cardium and Viking plays in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Itsproduction has declined steadily since 2008.

Askedabout a takeover, Robertsnoted:"The board and this management is all about gettingthe maximum value for our shareholders. That’s certainly something the board continues to address. Right now the business plan we have, we think is the best value creation opportunity."

"We’re not entrenched," he added. "We would
cheap oakleys consider anything, but it’s not something that is currently in our focus."

Penn West is continuing to negotiate "covenant relaxation" with its debt holders and Roberts expects to make an announcement inthe second quarter that will allow the companyto deal with itsdebt and focus on cutting costs and streamliningoperations.

Penn West cutits 2015 capital budgetfrom $840 million to $625 million and reducedthequarterly dividend to one cent.

If the oil price plunge hadn’t
cheap fake oakley sunglasses put enough pressure on Penn West, its discovery of accounting irregularities inJuly forced the company to restate four years of financial statementsand part ways with a number of executives.

Roberts is banking on a return to stability after several "harrowing" months of falling oil prices
fake cheap oakleys and he expressed confidence Penn West is well positioned to benefit from it.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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LeBron haters never satisfied

From a fan’s standpoint, it’s not difficult to dislike LeBron James. This is not news. However, one thing abundantly clear after his beatdown of the Boston Celtics Thursday night is that no matter what, many fans in the Twitter age are still going to be haters.

James has needed an elimination game like his 45 point, 15 rebound effort in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals for more than two years now just to try and shut people up. Unfortunately for him, that won’t happen, as evidenced by the classy fan that threw a drink at James after the game.

In the 2010 ECF when many expected performances like this James all but disappeared in his last three games against the Celtics, effectively beginning the anti LeBron movement. After he kicked it into high gear by kicking Cleveland in the teeth in front of Jim Gray and the fridge full of Vitamin Water, it became easy (and quite fun) to pile on him.

Rightfully so, everything about his game since has been nitpicked and over analyzed. And it serves him right; if he wanted to be the "global icon" he so desires, and to a more completely impossible extent, the "next Jordan," there could be no missed free throws or fourth quarter disappearing acts.

However, James’s deluge came at the expense of the rest of the Heat team. Dwyane Wade shot a weak six of 17 and was the only other Miami player to score in double digits. It’s also worth noting and I’m not hating that Boston basically played like crap, with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett going a combined 10 of 32. Basketball is a game of tempo, and Doc Rivers said as much afterwards. The Celts just didn’t match Miami’s energy, and it cost
fake oakley sunglasses them in all likelihood the series.

While James took a big step up Thursday, it’s really what people have expected, rightly or wrongly, all along. Killer instinct. And rightly or wrongly, it will be expected in Game 7 as well.

When the Heat (yeah, I said it) meet the Thunder in the Finals next week, the likeability chasm between the two franchises will be highly pronounced. I personally feel like a scumbag for wavering on OKC after their first two games against San Antonio, but the reality was that the Thunder had outplayed the Spurs in four of those eight quarters anyways. When push came to shove, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, Russell Westbrook and James Harden were just too young and too athletic
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale for San Antonio. Throw in a bad game from Tim Duncan in Game 3,
oakleys sunglasses and their fate was sealed.

For the Spurs to go from 20 straight wins to four straight losses was surprising, but win streaks in the NBA playoffs don’t always mean titles the 2003 Nets and the 1989 Lakers both put up double digit streaks and still came up short. While an established wing presence has been a need in Toronto for more than five
fake cheap oakley sunglasses years, taking on Gay for three years and about $54 million is probably not in Bryan Colangelo’s wheelhouse. Gay is a good player but not
cheap oakleys a great player. And what exactly is this team if the Raptors get him? A Brian Burke style rebuild/overpriced player hybrid? Iguodala comes cheaper, but it’s widely assumed Philly might want too much in return. Works in progress shouldn’t
cheap fake oakley sunglasses trade draft picks for Phil Kessel . I mean Rudy Gay or Andre Iguodala (similar when you consider the fan base would expect too much from them).

With Jonas Valanciunas aboard, I actually want to see him play next to Andrea Bargnani for at least a year, as silly as that may sound to some. And if Jose Calderon is traded, who plays the point when they package the draft pick away? There will be no Damian Lillard in that case, and while we’re on the topic I wish the Steve Nash speculation would stop. Wouldn’t a 38 year old ringless future hall of famer
oakleys sunglasses want to play on a title contender now?

While ESPN’s Marc Stein points out that the Heat or the Knicks don’t have the cap space for Nash, that doesn’t take into account he might be willing to take a discount to win. I realize he has a home on the west side of Manhattan, but do really see Nash plying his trade in Brooklyn next year? As
cheap fake oakleys for Toronto, after taking the reins of Canada Basketball, he owes nothing else to us patriotically.

Of course, I could be wrong. Often I am.

Team Canada update

Speaking of Canada Basketball, Team White beat Team Red 56 54 Thursday night at Humber College in Toronto. Sensation Andrew Wiggins, Tyler Ennis and Xavier Rathan Mayes were among the standouts.

Brampton’s Tristan Thompson is second only to superstar team mate LeBron James in minutes played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Malone got the job over Melvin Hunt, who served as interim coach after Brian Shaw was fired on March 3.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Chipmunk’s Plan For Future Better Crafted Than That Of 8 Out Of 10 Americans

PRINCETON, NJ the small woodland creature ability to set long term objectives and competently follow through on them, a Princeton University report released Thursday found that a local 2 year old eastern chipmunk had crafted a far more secure and responsible future for itself than 8 out of 10 Americans. citizen. In contrast to most Americans, the chipmunk was said to routinely work toward meaningful goals in an orderly and decisive manner without procrastinating for days on end, melodramatically sighing and complaining,
fake oakley wholesale or becoming immediately sidetracked by emails or online videos. population, said lead researcher Caroline Meehan, noting that the 3 ounce creature possessed sounder judgment and greater self control than an estimated 250 million Americans. this chipmunk was able to accurately anticipate its wants and needs as far as weeks, months, or even a year ahead of time, whereas 80 percent of our human subjects were entirely incapable of looking beyond their next meal or that night television programming. when this chipmunk identified an obstacle that stood in the way of its goals, such as
cheap wholesale oakleys a branch blocking the entrance to its burrow, it would use problem solving skills and take action to surmount it, continued Meehan, the overwhelming majority of Americans, who just sat down and gave up at the mere hint of adversity. to Meehan, when the chipmunk decided it needed to construct an underground shelter, the rodent simply performed the necessary digging quickly and efficiently, never pausing to go out with its chipmunk friends, take a nap, or eat for a few hours out of pure boredom. When researchers presented Americans with a similarly time consuming task, nearly a quarter just stood there in the hope that someone else would come along and take care of it,
cheap oakleys another 20 percent quickly convinced themselves the task didn need to be performed at all, and more than one in three feigned illness or exhaustion in an effort to get out of it.

most Americans live an hour to hour existence based solely on satisfying immediate impulses, this chipmunk is able to realize that giving into its basest whims would ultimately
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale
cheap oakleys be self destructive, said behavioral psychologist Alistair McKay. a 2 year old chipmunk knows better than to eat its entire store of berries in one sitting because it tastes good or just lie in its nest until noon because it doesn feel like getting up. Americans would be well served to watch this chipmunk and follow its example. also noted that the
replica oakleys brown furred creature well crafted plans for the future extended to its families as well. The researcher stated that the chipmunk devoted a considerable amount of its time and resources toward raising productive and well rounded young, as opposed to many American parents who were repeatedly observed exhausting their disposable income on updating their cell phones every several months and then spending nearly all of their free time engaging with these products instead of their offspring.

The report confirmed, however, that the small subset of Americans who do exercise the same level of forethought and determination as the 2 year old chipmunk are affluent, healthy, and largely content.

putting the same amount of thought into their lives as this chipmunk puts into foraging for sunflower seeds, for example, a relative handful of Americans have been able to adequately prepare their children for college, build up a sizeable base of credit, avoid obesity and chronic disease, and even put enough money away to retire at age 65, McKay said. to our calculations, if Americans as a whole expended even a fraction of the effort toward their future that this chipmunk displays toward lining its burrow with leaves, the country would quickly rid itself of problems as far flung as economic stagnation, decaying
oakley sunglasses replica infrastructure, and global warming. the other
cheap fake oakley sunglasses hand, McKay added, found that if this chipmunk began living as an average American does, it would be dead within a month.Articles Connexes锛�

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357 questions and answers

EMC, you big tease! At last, the specs for million IOPS VNX2,Getting tired of EMC teaser campaign for its coming VNX
cheap fake oakleys refresh in September? E20 357 questions
oakleys sunglasses and answers Relief is at hand: slide decks, blogs and PDFs seen by
fake oakleys cheap El Reg storage desk confirm that EMC
cheap wholesale oakleys VNX2 is a 7 product line up optimised for
fake oakleys multi core CPUs and flash with new operating software.

VNX arrays were getting slow because the software couldn use multi core
oakley sunglasses replica CPUs effectively. So EMC has re written parts of the code stack to E20
fake oakleys 357 questions and answersfix that problem and customers will get a major boost in data access performance as a
replica oakleys result.

We understand a VNX5200 is coming and that effectively replaces the block only VNX5100. The 5200, like all the other new VNXs, is a unified file and block system. It is limited to 125 drives but is similar to the 5400 in other respects. EMC is pricing the 5400 quite cheaply until the 5200 ships.Articles Connexes:

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Surprises galore for women at U

The shockwaves began early on another sunny day at Flushing Meadows with 32 year old qualifier Mirjana Lucic Baroni dismissing Romanian second seed Simona Halep 7 6(6) 6 2 to reach
fake oakley wholesale the fourth round.

Lucic Baroni, who failed to build on her run
fake oakleys to the 1999 Wimbledon semi
fake oakleys finals, was almost overcome by the victory. Open debut.

The tournament also lost a fan favourite when Italy’s Sara Errani posted her
replica oakleys first career win over twice champion and 19th seed Venus Williams, coming out on top in an absorbing roller coaster clash 6 0 0 6 7 6(5).

By the time
fake oakleys cheap fifth seed Maria Sharapova had closed out the action under the Arthur Ashe Stadium floodlights with a laboured 6 2 6 4 win over Germany’s Sabine Lisicki the top of the women’s draw had lost four of the top eight seeds.

The top 10 men’s seeds, however, remain intact.

Federer, Spanish fourth seed David Ferrer, sixth seeded Czech Tomas Berdych and seventh seeded Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov all advanced on Friday.

The highest ranked casualty was Ernests Gulbis of Latvia, the 11th seed, who was ousted by 45th ranked Dominic Thiem of Austria 4 6 3 6 6 4 6 3 6 3.

Federer, chasing an 18th grand slam title, served up a tidy 6 4 6 4 6 4 win over big hitting Australian Sam Groth to ease into the third round.

The former world number one has feasted on Australian opponents in grand slams over the years, piling up an 18 1 record against men from Down Under, and Groth, who was facing a top 10 opponent for the first time, proved little more than a distraction to the Swiss maestro.

Throughout the one hour and 48 minutes contest the Australian took his best shots at the 33 year old, including booming serves of over 140mph. [ID:nL3N0R001Q]

"The 142, honestly I hit it and I turned around," said Federer. "I didn’t know if
fake oakley sunglasses cheap it went into the stands or the bottom of the net or on the other side. I just felt like I hit it clean.

"The 147 one I felt like I was there and felt like I had more control on it.

"The difference between 142 and 147, there’s none really in the racquet. I think once you pass the 135 range everything is just really fast."

Ferrer reached the third round without lifting his racket when Australian Bernard Tomic withdrew with a hip injury, while Dimitrov breezed into the third round with a 6 1 6 2 6 2 win over Israel’s Dudi Sela.

Berdych had a much tougher time, needing five sets and three hours 45 minutes to tame Martin Klizan of Slovakia 6 3 4 6 6 2 3 6 6 3.

Richard Gasquet, seeded 12th, and Gael Monfils, 20th, advanced in straight
cheap oakleys sets to set up an all French collision for a berth in the fourth round.

Working harder was 18th seeded South African Kevin Anderson, a four set winner against Jerzy Janowicz of Poland, while Spain’s 19th seed Feliciano Lopez won a fourth set tiebreaker to advance past Japanese qualifier Tatsuma Ito.Articles Connexes:

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