Great ad placing.

Talk about being desperate. Still it’s very funny.

mesmerizing ad

Could’ve just said “stay in school, kids!”.

stay in school

Who needs a refrigerator when you’ve got beer that cold?

cold beer

Another great commercial, this time from Kayak. Some people seem to be against this ad, saying that it isn’t very ethical, but I don’t find any problem in it. It’s not making fun or poking at any group of people and the situation in the clip is too absurd to actually be taken serious. It’s just a funny ad.

Quit smoking or quit school, you choose.

ad placement fail

I don’t know what this is supposed to mean or represent but it’s pretty cool.


I really liked this ad, it uses the environment in a non-harmful way and it’s really visual.

mini trimmers

mini trimmers

“Does that butter sizzle sound ever get to you, make you wanna grab the handle of that pan and just take out half the line?”. This is a really funny extension of the ad for the Acura NSX.

Great and honest way to promote your business.


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