Before they turn into ferocious beasts that will tear your limbs apart, lions and tigers are as cute as any cat. Or even cuter!

This kid is the new Bear Grylls.

This is really cute but the cat is all like “leave us alone, I want to sleep, dammit!”.

baby horse and a cat

These puggles teach the kid how to chew on his favorite toy. In a couple of weeks he’ll also know how to bark, roll over and play dead.

It looks like this will be the “cute animal spam” day. Still, this little critter will turn out to be one mead mofo when he grows up.


This dog just can’t wait for the kid to throw the toy.

Never underestimate the power of baby videos on the Internet. This clip got 1.000.000 views in only a couple of days.

This baby ate my brain

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