BuzzHunt is pleased to present top 10 viral videos in May, as ranked by GoViral. Enjoy and don’t forget to check April’s and March’s best virals.

1. Lewis Hamilton and the RC Office Grand Prix

Vodafone teamed up with Formula 1 team Mercedes McLaren to promote the new Blackberry Storm, purpose-built for Vodafone. The phone holds an abundance of multimedia capabilities, which were the focus for the video. The guys at Blackberry built a small remote controlled race car and used the Blackberry for steering. After that, they took it to the McLaren crew and let Lewis Hamilton drive a genuine Grand Prix car with the remote. The idea is very original and demonstrates the potential for multimedia integration today. The video produced more than 1.4 mio views within the first six weeks.

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GoViral has ranked top 10 branded viral videos for April. To see the list for March, go here.


Nike has, with a little help from Wieden + Kennedy, London, done it again. No brand should really be in a top list consecutively, if it was not for the tremendous talent and effort that is being put into the majority of Nike’s campaigns. Nike launched a football tournament in UK and called for participants in major UK cities. This video is an ad for the events, and is filmed by various CCTV cameras to add to the authenticity of normal people playing street football. The video was originally done for TV, but has spread on the internet as well.

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If you don’t have the right passport, have at least the right cover:


Campaignlive and Goviral shortlist top 5 viral ads of the month.

1. Adidas Originals: Celebrate Originality

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GoViral has put together a list of Top 10 viral adverts for March.


1. Sony VAIO: Mannequins on The Grand Central

Advertising is constantly developing to be up-to-date with consumer preferences and styles. This new campaign from the Sony Vaio brand probably got its inspiration from the recent T-Mobile campaign from the UK, but is very cool in itself. It features a series of videos filming mannequins interacting in the streets of New York, making a showpiece out of themselves and the new Sony Vaio Netbook. [click to continue…]

Check out this new E-trade viral, this time, featuring a bunch of babies discussing the world economy in 2009. The original version of the viral got great success and awards. Original version is included in this post. Enjoy.


According to TIME, invention #6 – The Global Seed Vault (on the picture)

Nokia has launched a weird viral to promote their download service. In order to watch this video above, you would have had to undergo a chain of puzzles on their campaign site . A little bit strange, beautiful, roofless viral. Nice music.

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