This has got to be one of the most cute cat & dog video out there on the Internet. Great way to start the week.

This cat doesn’t seem to know it’s rightful place in society.

This cat has all the space it needs. And it ain’t going to share it with you.

Just look at that angry stare.


And yet another video that shows that cats are evil beings. Judging by the color of the lightsaber, that cat is clearly a Sith Lord.

You’ve got to read the comments for this vid, they’re hilarious, especially the one with “Go Manchester!”.

Did any of you guys know that Hemingway was a cat person?


“No, you may not install a new hard disk.”


Just look at that sneaky cat slipping and sliding through the people!

If you didn’t know, mail order cat is now an option.

cat in a box

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