I can just picture myself in this cool mini sofa without having to get up whenever I want to get a book or a magazine, because I have them all right at my disposal.

201137111120868 Cool and handy bench

5xjfD Feeling hot? This will cool you down, baby.

Did you know that pigs roll in mud not because they are dirty animals, but because they don’t sweat and need to cool down. Bahamian pigs are no different. Just smarter. They dip into water.

NcTLm Bahamian Pigs Stay Cool

Spin the hard drive to a high speed and it will start dancing like that. Wicked. This happens due to the so called gyro effect. Although gravity always wins in the end, the gyro effect owns it for a short period of time.

cool bike FYI, Coolest Bike In The Community

spirit 30 Men Jump Into Ice Cold Water

That’s The Spirit!

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bison Bison   The Real Deal

This is the biggest bison I have ever seen.

GoViral has put together a list of Top 10 viral adverts for March.


1. Sony VAIO: Mannequins on The Grand Central

Advertising is constantly developing to be up-to-date with consumer preferences and styles. This new campaign from the Sony Vaio brand probably got its inspiration from the recent T-Mobile campaign from the UK, but is very cool in itself. It features a series of videos filming mannequins interacting in the streets of New York, making a showpiece out of themselves and the new Sony Vaio Netbook. [click to continue…]

A kick-ass exclusive trailer for an upcoming Danish animated movie. The trailer features a naked man, apparently a famous Danish actor Carl Mar, giving an interview to the reporter. During the interview, the man juggles with his balls and puts the microphone of the reporter up in his ass. Having fun, obviously. That said, this is probably the most extraordinary trailer for an animated movie I have ever seen. Check it out for yourself and see what I mean. It’s OK if you don’t understand Danish, it’s not the point.

More crazy trailers for this movie can be found here. You might also want to check out the trailer in English. Enjoy

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