If Facebook Timeline ever comes on all of us, this (or a variation of this) will be my comic cover photo.

 timeline cover photo

Are you an Internet freak and want to play a good ol’ game of Monopoly with your friends, or just tired of the game’s old features? Well how about this one?

monopoly web lovers edition

This is really inspiring and vivid. Another one of those video that just makes you want to move your butt out of the house and do something fun and wild for a change.

Damn, I thought they would be extinct by then.

This man saw a post on his daughter’s Facebook profile saying that she is a slave to her parents and that she should be payed for her household chores. He didn’t like the post so he shot his daughter’s laptop with a .45 pistol. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be upset, but I think people are starting to take Facebook a little bit too seriously.

By the looks of it, he’s changing his relationship status.

surfing the web

So, which is your first cigarette of the day? A new friend, a rude comment or a couple of likes to that hottie work colleague’s last summer vacation pictures?


I’m really glad that someone actually had the time to do this.


Remember the honest logos? Well, what do you think about these ones?

public library

yahoo partners with twitterAn hour ago Yahoo and Twitter announced content-sharing partnership.

What does it mean for users?

As a Yahoo user, you will be able to:

1. Access your friends’ tweets directly on Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo pages.

2. Update your Twitter status directly from Yahoo account.

3. Use Yahoo to search tweets real-time.

This partnership will likely slow down migration of Yahoo email users towards GMail and push Google to team up with Facebook to add value to its Google Buzz service, which seems to be stagnating.

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