It’s kind of weird seeing a bunch of people throw a girl in a wheelchair off a bridge, but the video is actually really cool. I like to see people who follow their dreams no matter what.

I’m afraid, folks, that this is the future. What happened to Lego and building bricks?


I’m really glad that someone actually had the time to do this.


I’m not a really big kid fan, but this little girl is adorable.

There’s no limit to what a man would do to impress a woman. Especially in high school. Needless to say, most of the times men just end up embarrassing themselves.

Remember the girl with the funny talent? Well, what do you think about this one? Of course, this clip didn’t get nearly as much views, but mainly because it’s age restricted and YouTube asks you to log in to see it. Figure out for yourselves why.

This reminded me of The Big Bang Theory right away!


Or wait a second…

A girl balances 15 books on her head, solves rubik’s cube and recites pi to the 100th digit – all at the same time.

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