Still, that’s a WIN. I see a lot more chocolate there than in the picture on the package.

candy You dont always get what the package says

Seriously, now, what is this? I couldn’t find any explanation for this on the Internet and, whether this is a joke, a school play or something like that this still freaks me out.

 What the hell is going on in this picture?

Talk about taking a picture at the right time.

Pictures taken at the right time22 Statue trying to catch an airplane

It’s funny how all the other photographers are trying to run away.

1326801662 17 Photographer takes picture just before plane crash

This was taken randomly by a 26 year old dude at the subway. He just saw the strange light and fog as the people were climbing the stairs, got his iPhone and took the picture. He uploaded it on Reddit and in a couple of days it got like a million hits. So, it’s as they say, “the best camera is the that’s with you”.

poza telefon The subway picture

I don’t know if the photographer intended to catch this or he was just lucky, but it’s a great photo.

cat Meow mix

He probably makes good shaworma, too.

background Fat dude makes a good background

This is a picture taken from a mountain top by photographer Vittorio Poli. It represents a village from the Asiago plateau (in the Alps of North-Eastern Italy) covered in fog.

asa arata raiul vezi cea mai frumoasa fotografie care circula pe internet 129343 Small village covered in fog

Someone actually stole a public phone to take this picture. The things you do for sarcasm.

1889101 700b Another phone picture in the bathroom mirror

I’m really amused by these pictures that make fun of all the Facebook attention whores that have hundreds of self taken photos in the bathroom mirror.

d5fb3eb355719e4a4b0173d36269ef0e Phone picture in the mirror

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