I’m really glad that someone actually had the time to do this.

8284 How girls take pictures of themselves to post on Facebook

Picture 23 Deadly consequences of the oil spill   pictures of birds and fish
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space 150x150 Ineresting linksA British guy launched a camera into space on a helium-filled balloon and took a bunch of NASA-like pictures of the Earth from the space. Just think of it – you get your own self-made collection of space pictures! To execute this home-made project, Robert spent only £500. When I read this story, I was so inspired to do the same. Wondefrul.

Picture 2 150x150 Ineresting links Watch this. The guy will teach you one or two dancing tricks you didn’t know. I want to be friends with him.

You’ve lost it.

Apple has just announced and shown its new product – a tablet computer called “iPad”. First impression, it looks like a big iPhone / iPod, with the same menu interface, on-screen keyboard and similar applications. Let me put it like this – Apple released a big iPhone and called it iPad. The release date for UK is unknown, however it is likely that iPad will make it to the shelves in two months from now.

So, technically, iPhone has just got bigger? Say, iPhone 3GS XL? Is it really the new product we expected so much? First pictures below – enjoy.

p3JhE Apple Released iPad   A Big iPhone

UgmOg Apple Released iPad   A Big iPhone

h45Mn Apple Released iPad   A Big iPhone

Google is right:

fPx0y Apple Released iPad   A Big iPhone

Several hundred thousand people showed up in the center of London yesterday to celebrate the new year 2010. People watched the fireworks performance from the London Eye area and Waterloo bridge:

RV9eY Happy New Year 2010 From London
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Window giraffe is watching you
hfq6G Pictures form London Zoo

When he wants
EvErX Pictures form London Zoo
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11 Restroom Signs From Around The World
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180 The Andes Mountains In Argentina
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If you lived in heaven, this is probably what you’d see every day. If you feel you don’t deserve heaven, you might want to visit South East Asia or Caribbean for a trial.

dsc00300 If You Lived In Heaven...

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