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Window giraffe is watching you

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I have been prank’d many times and have pulled pranks myself on my friends. I remember one prank I made particularly well. It was so emotional, let me tell you.

My friend, a fresh grad, had a job interview with BMW pitching for an accountant position. The dumbhead had no chance, nonetheless, he believed he did and so he pushed for it. He was very excited about an opportunity to work for one of the world’s biggest car companies and managed to get his foot in the door for an interview. So he had it. Few days after the interview, while he was anxiously waiting for an answer, I stepped in. I decided to call him [pretending to be the firm’s staff] and tell him the good news. The hardest part was to convince myself that I can speak in a way that my friend would not recognize me. In fact, I was hesitating for quite some time whether to make this call. It took me over an hour to practice to sound in a voice different than mine, but I managed. I called. I presented myself formally as one of the human resource recruitment team members, recalled the interview he had with us and told him we were happy to accept him. As you can imagine, he felt on top of the world. So did I.

It was a few days later that he’d receive an official e-mail from the company saying that he was not accepted in light of high competition, encouraging him to re-apply, blah-blah-blah. Confused, he gives them a call back, saying that they called him earlier with the opposite verdict. Naturally, they had no clue what he was talking about… I had a very good laugh. If you ask me if this was cruel, yes it was. Is he angry? Not anymore. Later, he had his sweet revenge by making me meet his sister in the airport, who, of course did not show up.

Right, so where are we… Want to pull a prank on your friend? The good news is that technology has been progressing and you don’t have to pretend someone else anymore when calling, which makes it way easier to do the whole thing. allows you to make a prank call simply by controlling the conversation during the whole time, or call by pressing buttons. Here, you can choose your victim’s sex, relationship status age and crudeness factor to get a list of most suitable pranks to fool your friend with. Mind that this service is UK only. - pull pranks on your friends!

The pranks are pre-recorded with real human voices, so it’s not sounding robotic in any way and if you decide to, you can record your prank call and upload it on the website, making it available to share with your friends. My next prank is going to be on my old school mate. I am going to have him called about his excessive pornography browsing on his home computer. Damn, he is going to freak out totally…

Porn call prank

By the way care to find out how “prankable” you are through this short quiz on Facebook. The quiz will tell you if you are easy to make fool of.

Here, you can get the latest call pranks updates by connecting with PrankCall on Twitter and Facebook.

Go for it 🙂

I was quite surprised to discover that, a popular celebrity blog ranked as the 432nd world’s most visited site [by Alexa], runs on WordPress, a free easy-to-install blogging platform. What does it mean? It turns out that any non-techie blogger can be a star and run a very successful shiny blog. Apparently, many of the world’s top 100 blogs run on free blogging platforms, such as WordPress and Movable Type. By the way, if you browse through that list, care to pick up some successful writing techniques from these top bloggers.

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