Good thing he didn’t have to go number 2.

teamwork Teamwork

Ah, the old duck in the toilet. A classic.

anktoa Honey, I think we need to call a plumber

Now that’s just not nice.

porteouverte Bad toilet placement

Yes, that’s how we keep our beer cold.

Timisoreana in veceu Meanwhile in Romania

So, how much for the used one?

unused Unused toilet paper for sale

Great and honest way to promote your business.

mexican grill Mexican grill ad

NrIAz You should see how we use the toilet...

I have seen it in a number of places:

VKkhB For some reason, this is a very popular sign on Chinese bathrooms

hyxVC Worlds Most Creative Bio Toilet

Signs like this one can be found on many walls across UK. People here generally like ball games, but not in gent’s public toilets.

uz9t6 No Ball Games, Gents

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