This has got to be one of the most cute cat & dog video out there on the Internet. Great way to start the week.

Talk about having a crappy day. And I can only imagine how the dude in the video talked to his manager about taking the day off: “Yes, boss, I was attacked by a burst of sewer gas.”

Although this is just a video edit, maybe one day we could have products like this. Although I still find Apple products to be overpriced and somewhat useless gadgets, but that’s just my opinion.

Apparently lolcats as we know them today are not something that new. This actually seems to be the first viral cat video recorded in the late 19th Century with a kinetoscope, which was invented by Thomas Edison.

This is a short and cute animation for all you Minecraft geeks out there.

This video got almost five million views in a day. It also got a lot of appraisal on Facebook. Frankly, I think some parents invest too much time in making their kids do stuff that they will later be embarrassed of.

Some people like owls, some are afraid of them, but you’ll surely like this clip.

car accident
This is just a reminder that you should never feel too safe on the road, no matter how quiet the traffic is.

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