He just ordered a fish to go.

croco Instant croc meal

I wonder where he spent his summer vacation, Atlantis?

fiver on beach Car coming out of the water

Here’s a sport that I think everyone can enjoy: water climbing. If you fail to make it to the top you just take a dive into the sparkling pool, easy as that.

4f421ba4091fc Water climbing

Ah, the old “bite him by the ass and watch him fall into the lake” prank. Classic.

This really made me laugh. “Yeah, you’re the one masturbating the Sponge Bob hat while taking a whiz.”

We’ll need a ladder and some rubber boots.

 Dude, your car is surfing

This is cute and sad at the same time.

doggg Two dogs and a child surviving the flood

It seems this winter really has been harsh on everyone.

meanwhile in hungary Meanwhile in Hungary

I really don’t think this is Photoshopped. Probably just taken somewhere in Russia.

skiing Photobomb level: 100

Just look at the satisfaction on his face.

catwater Cat drinking water

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