Did you know that you can charge your phone or camera with the power of water? Apparently, some Swedish scientists developed a technology that converts hydrogen into electricity via a Proton Exchange Membrane. “The chemistry process is safe, controllable and eco-friendly, and the only bi-product from the fuel cell is a little water vapor. To operate, hydrogen must be supplied to the fuel cell, and the fuel cell must be exposed to the open air”, is how the developers of this technology describe the process.

Is he surfing or just trying to escape the flood?

b7909096475f59116b5edfaecdd52e781 Extreme water sport

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URM5E You cant land here

This device is made for water skating. It has no engine. Powered entirely by the rider, aqua skipper can move in the water with the speed of 27 kilometers per hour, which is quite impressive considering that only engine-powered or wind-powered watercraft can reach such high speeds in the water. The movement dynamics is quite simple. With the feet on the platform, the rider hops up and down. By doing so, the rider moves the device forward. It appears that one doesn’t need any special skills to ride it, which makes it a pretty cool gadget. It costs around $500.

aquaskipper Aquaskipper turns you into a pond skater

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3e2WS Hot water tap DIY

Made in India.

Yj6W4 Thirsty Elephant Is Desperate For Water

pUvDi Finally Fresh Water!

When I saw this picture, I wanted to give it some funny caption until I realized that there is nothing funny here. Seals are not friends with penguins. They eat them.

dKkIO Wait A Second, Arent They Evil?

Window giraffe is watching you
hfq6G Pictures form London Zoo

When he wants
EvErX Pictures form London Zoo
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Did you know that pigs roll in mud not because they are dirty animals, but because they don’t sweat and need to cool down. Bahamian pigs are no different. Just smarter. They dip into water.

NcTLm Bahamian Pigs Stay Cool

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