OK, I get it that some people are huge Futurama fans and a lot of the dudes like Leela, but this is too much, guys. Where is this from, Korea?

Seriously, now, what is this? I couldn’t find any explanation for this on the Internet and, whether this is a joke, a school play or something like that this still freaks me out.

freaky picture

Some people really have too much spare time or too much weed.

found dog

Remember the girl with the funny talent? Well, what do you think about this one? Of course, this clip didn’t get nearly as much views, but mainly because it’s age restricted and YouTube asks you to log in to see it. Figure out for yourselves why.

Look at this picture. There is nothing wrong with it, right? Now look at it again carefully.

Nothing Weird About This Picture, Right?

Now lean your head slowly to the left as if you were turning the monitor and look at the girl on top.

This is a real sign inside elevators in Sweden in residential houses.




big bike


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