If even he says that women are a mystery, then there is no doubt about it. Another interesting fact is that Stephen Hawking admitted to thinking most during the day about women. He said this during an interview with the New Scientist magazine (to mark his 70th birthday on Sunday, January 8, 2012). Imagine how much further he would have gotten if he hadn’t wasted so much time.

women are a mystery

Several months ago I posted an image of a sheep peacefully hanging on an electric wire up in the air. I couldn’t figure out how the heck the poor animal ended up hanging out there. Now I know what could possibly explain it. His brother successor [apparently male, below] got himself horn-hanged by jumping over the bush to mate with some female sheep he saw out there on the other side of the bush. Embarrassingly, he got stuck, underperforming on the females’ expectations. That’s life.

Hanging Sheep

P.S. I still have no clue how they manage to jump so high